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About Us

Oak Barrel Corporation is an innovative company that is passionate about product development, manufacturing, and distribution of food products for retail and foodservice customers.

Product Development

Oak Barrel Corporation creates opportunities for new and innovative products. 

Experience making food product concepts a reality using knowledge of consumer habits, market gaps, and collaborative methods. 


Oak Barrel Corporation prioritizes product delivery in a timely and effective manner.

Logistics and distribution networks domestically and internationally allow us to connect with more customers and create relationships that foster innovative distribution solutions.


Oak Barrel Corporation cultivates relationships with reliable and passionate manufacturers.

Partnering with manufacturers and suppliers who are passionate about quality and excellence.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to explore, develop and distribute high-quality products in a loyal, innovative, and honest environment.

We are


We are loyal to our customers, employees, manufacturers, and the use of sustainable and organic products.

We are 


Through collaboration with manufacturers, marketing professionals, and business leaders our customers are aware of industry trends and ahead of their competitors.

We are 


Honest commitments and open communication create

positive results.

At Oak Barrel Corporation, we approach every customer, employee, and manufacturer relationship with these three values in mind, because

Your Success is Our Future.

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